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4 June 2018

Calligraphy Guild of St Catherine Restarts for 2018

In 2016, in response to the interest of some young people, John Daly, the Library’s master artisan and Icon writing teacher devised a course in calligraphy. The quality of John’s guidance and the enthusiasm of his apprentices led to the formation of the Calligraphy Guild of St Catherine which began its Saturday morning meetings this year.

4 June 2018

Vale: Kathleen McDonald

Many people around Catholic Melbourne and Sydney will remember the intriguing figure of Kathleen McDonald. She was stooped, often held a rosary or scapular, was enswathed in many layers of cloth and wore a cord and sandals. It was not surprising that many mistook her for a religious sister. What was perhaps a little more incongruous was the old-fashioned camera and the sketch pads she often carried. 

16 May 2018

Inaugural Fr Thomas Bourke SJ Archives History Lecture

On 20 June, Xavier College will host a history lecture on Fr John Fahy SJ and his encounters with Fr William Hackett SJ. As many of you know, it was Fr Hackett who founded the Catholic Central Library, which became the Caroline Chisholm Library.

19 August 2017

The Library on the ABC

The President of the Caroline Chisholm Library was quoted on the ABC, on the vexed topic of the confessional.

24 July 2017

Harman Lecture at JP II Institute

Archbishop Anthony Fisher of Sydney will deliver the 2017 Rev Harman Memorial lecture "Between the Idea and the Reality: The Future of Marriage in Australia" on the 8th of August.

26 June 2017

Winter Financial Appeal

Thanks to the generosity of our donors this year, we have continued our talks, Icon School, and Discussion Group, launched a new Philosophy Group, and updated our library IT system and website. Go to our Donations page to support this work.

St Luke's Icon School in the news
1 June 2017

St Luke's Icon School in the news

Congratulations to the St Luke’s Icon School for being featured in The Catholic Weekly. The story is written by Natasha Marsh, and describes the great work done by the school in sacred art. It even features a photo of our very own John Daly!

Front of Mitchell House building
27 April 2017

New systems at CCL

In the last month we have launched a new IT system for the Caroline Chisholm Library. This system manages all of our cataloguing, circulation and membership functions. The new system includes a new online catalogue. At tab at the top of this website you can search the catalogue, and see a carousel of some of our recent acquisitions.