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Join or renew your Library subscription

Members of the Library can borrow books, CDs and DVDs from our collection.

A membership of $80 per year ($40 concession) entitles subscribers to borrow up to four items at a time for 30 days. Memberships commence immediately on payment of the membership fee, and expire on the same date one year later. Renewals apply from your expiry date, so if you pay early you'll still get a full year out of your subscription.

Our catalogue can be accessed at the Catalogue tab above. The catalogue has been designed to be used with ease on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, so now you can take the library with you. There you can search for books, browse related titles, check your borrowing history, and reserve or renew books.

You can join or renew your membership using your credit or debit card below. Fill in the fields below and click Pay Now, and you will be taken to another page to fill in your contact and card details.

If you don’t have a credit or debit card, there are three other ways to join:

  1. Drop in on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between 11am to 5pm, and pay in person.
  2. Make a direct transfer to our account of $80 (or $40 for a concession membership). Please include your first name and surname in the transaction description so that we know who has paid. If you're a new member send an email to with your address and phone number for our records:
    Account name: Caroline Chisholm Library Inc
    BSB: 013 040
    Account number: 254 936 888
  3. You may post a letter and cheque for $80 (or $40 for a concession membership) telling us you want to join or renew.
    Cheques should be made out to 'Caroline Chisholm Library Inc.'.
    Send your letter to: P.O. Box 13176, Law Courts, VIC 8010

Memberships are non-refundable. If your payment was made in error, contact us by email at the bottom of this page to ask for a refund. We reserve the right to pass on the cost of refunds charged by our payments provider.


Remember to enter $80, or $40 concession (students or pensioners). Your member number is useful, but not necessary.