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Calligraphy Guild of St Catherine

In 2016, in response to the interest of some young people, John Daly, the Library’s master artisan and Icon writing teacher devised a course in calligraphy. The quality of John’s guidance and the enthusiasm of his apprentices led to the formation of the Calligraphy Guild of St Catherine. The Guild meets on Saturday morning at various times of the year.

The Guild offers instruction and practical coaching in

  1. The basics of lettering, including choice of paper, and calligraphy support implements.
  2. A range of writing implements, pencil, pens of various types (and brush?).
  3. A range of lettering fonts, from simple to more complex.

The Guild also encourages its members to pursue calligraphy projects with each other and this year there have already been some fine examples of the Guild’s endeavours.

To learn more about the Guild and the details about meetings please contact John Daly at