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16 February 2020 to 31 December 2020

New events coming soon

We have several events in development at the moment, and we'll start announcing these in the coming weeks.

After the success of last years's bioethics seminar on freedom of conscience with philosopher David Oderberg (pictured above), we are aiming to develop a few marquee events which we will repeat on an annual basis. Overseas speakers are a possibility; we successfully used videoconferencing to connect to David Oderberg in Reading, UK and we will do more of this in future. Topics we are exploring include:

  • bioethics
  • culture and politics
  • theology and philosophy
  • arts and literature

If you have ideas about possible events, contact us at cclibrary @ to see if we can work together to develop and promote them.

News /

On 23rd November the Caroline Chisholm Library held its Annual General Meeting. The Meeting accepted with thanks two outgoing Committee Members: Mr Paul Nixon (CCL Catholic Bookclub) and Christina Kennedy (out-going Secretary).

Two new members joined the Committee Associate Professor Patrick Quirk (elected as Vice-President, pictured above) and Mr Tindikai (Tindi) Munyawarara.

The Library will face some challenges in 2020. Over the past 25 years the Library has experienced an attrition of active members due to age, ill-health and the changing demands of life and time. This requires us to rethink the Library's mission, seeking out new Members while serving our current ones.

News /

On 27 May 2018, Brother Christian Moe FSC, who has often spoken at the library in past years and until recently came by bus from Mentone to use the library, celebrated 80 years – an astonishing milestone! – as a De La Salle Brother. And yet, he was not unique. His fellow Brother, Julian Watson FSC, also celebrated his same 80th anniversary on the same day.

Brother Christian is 96. He and Brother Julian are alert, erect, active and still very much engaged in living faithfully the vocation they began – astoundingly - in 1938.

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