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23 July 2019

Book now: Professor David Oderberg on Conscientious Objection

The Caroline Chisholm Library is taking bookings for its upcoming seminar “Opting out: conscientious objection in a liberal society” at 6:30pm-9:30pm on 23 July. 

Philosopher Professor David Oderberg of Reading University will deliver a keynote address by video conference, followed by Q&A. Professor Oderberg is globally recognised as a leading thinker on conscience rights, and was cited by the US Supreme Court in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby. His recent book  titled "Opting Out: Conscience and Cooperation in a Pluralistic Society" is the inspiration for this event.

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On 27 May 2018, Brother Christian Moe FSC, who has often spoken at the library in past years and until recently came by bus from Mentone to use the library, celebrated 80 years – an astonishing milestone! – as a De La Salle Brother. And yet, he was not unique. His fellow Brother, Julian Watson FSC, also celebrated his same 80th anniversary on the same day.

Brother Christian is 96. He and Brother Julian are alert, erect, active and still very much engaged in living faithfully the vocation they began – astoundingly - in 1938.

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Since the launch of Robert James Stove’s organ CD “The Gates of Vienna” at the Library in July, there have been many favourable comments and reviews of this excellent musical production. Amazon rated the CD with 5 stars.

There is also a YouTube clip of the launch which features jazz organist Joe Chindamo and of course Rob Stove himself available on Robert James Stove’s Facebook page.

Reviews, information and sales information for this CD are available at Rob's website.

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