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6 February 2018 to 20 November 2018

Course on Catholic Doctrine

John Young's Tuesday Course on Catholic Doctrine classes have resumed. This theology course, based on Father John Hardon's book The Catholic Catechism (available in the Library), is on each first and third Tuesday nights of each month, from 6:15 PM till 7:15 PM.

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11 July 2018

CD launch: “The Gates of Vienna: Baroque Organ Music from the Habsburg Empire”

The Caroline Chisholm Library community warmly congratulates Robert J Stove for his performance CD “The Gates of Vienna: Baroque Organ Music from the Habsburg Empire”. The CD will be launched at 6 pm on July 11th at the Library.

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At the Annual Dinner for the Catholic Theological College (Melbourne University of Divinity), special mention was made of two young theological students who also support the Caroline Chisholm Library in different ways.

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Many people around Catholic Melbourne and Sydney will remember the intriguing figure of Kathleen McDonald. She was stooped, often held a rosary or scapular, was enswathed in many layers of cloth and wore a cord and sandals. It was not surprising that many mistook her for a religious sister. What was perhaps a little more incongruous was the old-fashioned camera and the sketch pads she often carried. 

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