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Appeal: Workers for our move, and EOY donations

20 June 2024

Move – help to pack

Our heroic volunteers have packed over a third of our collection of 30,000 volumes. 5,000 are now at North Melbourne and at the John Paul II House in Grattan Street, supporting especially younger workers and tertiary students. 600 boxes are packed and waiting being moved to our beautiful reserve space in  Keilor Downs, but about 1,000 boxes remain to be packed.

We need about ten volunteers, for a total of two days, to complete the packing, and about two more days to dismantle the shelves. We shall pay people to move the boxes and shelves. If you can help, please contact Anthony Krohn by phone 0411 483 494 or email


We have had some grants at times, but we have no regular continuing income from Church or State. We need financial support, especially while we complete our move. This is the end of the financial year – please consider a tax deductible donation to the Library. 

Credit card payments can be made on the website.

For those who prefer direct deposit, our account details are:

  • Account name: Caroline Chisholm Library Inc
  • BSB: 013 040
  • Account number: 25 49 36 888

Or you may post a cheque. Cheques should be made out to 'Caroline Chisholm Library Inc.'. Send your letter (including your contact details so we can send a receipt) to:

P.O. Box 13176