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Welcome to our new Archbishop!

30 June 2018

We are delighted to welcome Bishop Peter Comensoli as the ninth Archbishop of Melbourne, appointed as the apostle of Melbourne on the Solemn Feast of Saint Peter, his patron, and Saint Paul, apostle to the far flung nations - including Australia.

Bishop Peter is energetic & orthodox, intelligent, committed to spreading the faith, compassionate and courageous. He has not only been engaged with affairs of the dioceses he has served, but has been active as a member of the College of Bishops, concerned for the whole world. He is educated in the tradition and a recently published author - one bringing forth treasures both old and new.

We are delighted to welcome him as a noble successor to Archbishop Denis Hart, to whom we also extend our best wishes and prayers for a long, healthy, vigorous and fruitful retirement from the cares of the Archdiocese.

Our vocation at the Library is also apostolic. The Caroline Chisholm Library has been nourishing Catholic faith and culture for 94 years,(first as the Catholic Reference Library, then the Central Catholic Library). We look forward to collaborating with our new Archbishop in promoting the faith, its truth and beauty and goodness.

Ad multos annos!