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Congratulations to young scholars in our Library community

17 June 2018

At the Annual Dinner for the Catholic Theological College (Melbourne University of Divinity), special mention was made of two young theological students who also support the Caroline Chisholm Library in different ways.

Dr Steven Simon Tucker was commended for the completion of his Doctoral thesis in Biblical theology: “Knowledge, Wisdom and Nebuchanazzar through Narrated Time (Daniel 1:1-4:34)”. Steven’s comprehensive knowledge of Scriptural languages have made him a prized cataloguer of the Library’s McKay Collection.

Brother Reginald Mary Chua O.P. received two Masters’ prizes for his papers in theology and scripture studies. One paper discussed St Thomas Aquinas’ interpretation of St Paul’s comment that “all Israel” was saved (Romans 11:26) and the other explored the notion of Christ’s experience of the Beatific Vision during His earthly ministry. Brother Reginald is the Religious Assistant to the Dominican Tertiary Chapter of Blessed Adrian Fortescue which meets at the Library, and he takes a keen interest in the talks and events at the Library. Dr Tucker is also a member of this Chapter.