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Are you a Friend of the Caroline Chisholm Library?

5 August 2018

The Library has existed for nearly 100 years, first as the Central Catholic Library and now the Caroline Chisholm Library. Its vocation is to nourish Catholic faith and culture. Its value is in the use of the library’s collection, and we are happy to tell you that it is also a growing hub of communities: icon and calligraphy schools, book club, philosophy and theology groups, book launches, and public talks.

Over the past two years, with much work and some special donations, we have reconstructed our systems. We have a new website, email newsletter, and online payment system for easy donations and automatic receipts. A new library computer system has improved our membership records and the management of our collection.

Most importantly, the Library has been rediscovered by young Catholics who want to deepen their faith. 

The Church needs active lay organisations that will support Catholic faith and culture. It is important in these times that Catholics gather for support and formation. We plan to extend the Library’s witness. In order to do that, we need your support. The Library needs approximately $35,000 per year, mostly rent. All our staff and committee are unpaid.

The Friends of the Caroline Chisholm Library are those who make a small regular donation to the Library. Can you become a Friend for as little as $10 a month? That's less than three cups of coffee! Regular small donations help us with our financial planning. Please go to the Support and Join menu to donate monthly.