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Member Reviews

26 September 2001
Dr. Warwick Neville

This is a beautiful study of the remarkable life of Charles de Foucauld written in a delightfully limpid style which brings alive Foucauld's family and professional life as a soldier in France and his wanderings throughout Africa.

22 August 2001
Stuart Moran

1. Why discuss the virtues?
St Thomas Aquinas: 'Every moral question can be reduced to the consideration of the virtues.' (Preface to Summa Theologica 11-11)

1 August 2001
Dr. Peter Birrell

"Stat crux, dum volvitur orbis"

22 April 1999
Kate Cleary

This is an analysis of the virtue of modesty from one who feels, and argues convincingly, that our culture is currently deprived of it. From the demystification of sex in early sex education classes to the unisex bathrooms in college dormitories, it seems that nothing these days is left to the imagination, and men and women, but particularly women, are missing out on something.

14 April 1999
Fr. Benedict Hensley, O.P.

Fr. Aidan Nichols brings his breadth of learning and critical acumen to bear on Catholic life and practice in the secularised culture of the countries of the ‘North Altantic’ civilisation in his new book, Christendom Awake. The usefulness of his critique is not confined to these countries: we too might benefit.

4 April 1999
Paul Gray

Beyond Gay is an autobiographical book which charts the spiritual growth of the author, a formerly active homosexual man and opponent of Christianity who is now a Catholic.